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Where am I coming from?

I'm a teacher, I play the guitar and I'm a music lover. Since becoming a teacher, I have helped with, supported and led all sorts of music projects in the schools and classes I've taught in. Children I've worked with have always enjoyed musical activities and have shown a huge curiosity and enthusiasm in my guitars, keyboards and most importantly in the type of music I listen to and play....old school (and new) rock and pop classics. The fact is, most children already know anything I've ever played in class because they've already heard it at home or in the car on their way to school.

I have set up My Rock Choir because I firmly believe that children should be given an opportunity to express themselves musically from an early age. Yes, there is lots of research out there which shows that children who study music are better disciplined, have better hearing skills, develop higher intelligence and are more socially capable with greater confidence and happiness in later life. That's all extremely important and equally important in my view is that children should have fun. Lots of fun and that

they learn properly to do something that they naturally enjoy and is in their DNA.

My sessions start by introducing children to basic singing skills. I'm not a singing teacher so don't expect a mini Pavarotti or Callas at the end of it. My aim is to try and make sure that good habits are introduced early on. I then introduce and continue to build on music skills and knowledge they may have gained in school. Most of the lesson is given to singing. Ask the children what they want to do...

...they wanna ROCK!

At the end of every session, the Rocker of the Week Award is given. Different coloured bandannas are awarded and children take great pride in winning and wearing these to subsequent sessions and to performances.

Lastly, we do perform, but that doesn't mean that every child has to sing in front of an audience. It is very important to me that children are comfortable and confident when they rock the world so there is no pressure to perform and only children who are ready and chose to will stand under the spotlight on stage.

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